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Here at Array Consulting we are dedicated to developing and deploying the best hardware and software to meet's our customer's needs! Our consultants fulfill the needs of our clients daily by providing excellent support and prompt service. They are able to do this by relying on their many years of IT experience and Array's expectation of service from our employees.

Customized Computer Solutions From Technological Minds!

Custom Software
Array Consulting can develop the custom application to meet your needs. From basic data entry to huge accounting applications. Contact Us for more information.
Business Software Consulting
Confused by high pressure software sales people? Let us help! We do not want to see your company lose millions on a software package that does not meet your needs. Click here for help!
Electronic Documents
Depending on the size of your company, you could save thousands or even millions. Click here to find out more information.

What we do

Website Design
Nothing says more about your business then having a clean, professional, easy to navigate site so that your potential customers may find information quickly! Array can help! Click here for more information.
Home/Business NetworksLet us come visit your home or office! In just a short amount of time and a small price you can be sharing files or printers, and surfing the net all from one internet connection, wired or wireless! Contact Us for more information.
In Office/Home Upgrades and Repair
Contact us for information on in home or office repairs and upgrades. Great for that slow computer.
Video & Photo Service
Have a box of VHS tapes you would like to have made into reliable DVDs? What about and old black and white ratty photo that you would like to have retouched? We can do it! Contact us today!

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