Custom Software

Need an application to take orders online, synchronize your cell phone with your Palm Pilot, or to be the new innovative product on the block?  Here at Array we have over 10 years experience developing quality software for Fortune 500 companies.  These applications support hundreds of thousands of users that are responsible for billions of dollars in revenues.   From large customer data stores, to online transaction processing, to micro device software development,  Array is your answer for custom software.

Website Development

Array has been the choice for many satisfied customers in the promotion of their business on the web. Throughout every stage of design, development and deployment, Array Consulting insures that the customer's requirements are met for their website.

Software Recommendations

Array consultants have experience in working with many different operating system environments. We also possess the knowledge of the costs of the software that runs in those operating systems. This allows us to meet the ever changing needs of your business as well as save you thousands of dollars.


Servers can be a very difficult and expensive product to purchase for your business. Does it have enough computing power to meet the load requirements you have and will have? Does it offer enough storage space for your growing product line and customer base? Is it stable? Will you have to fork out tons of money for software licensing fees? What kind of redundancy will you need? Do you need to mirror your hard drives? To provide quality service for your clients what kind of uptime will you need to maintain? This is a small example of some of the considerations that will have to be taken into account when purchasing a server. Here at Array we have over 15 years experience working with high volume scaleable servers that meet the demands of today’s servers as well as tomorrow’s. We possess the ability to listen to our clients so we can match you with servers that meet your needs.

Personal Computing

In this day and age, purchasing a personal computer is becoming increasingly difficult. To the average user of a computer a 2.26 GHz, 80GB HD, 533 MHz system bus with super surround sound, brand name computer doesn’t mean much. Most likely it is not even what is needed for their use. Although they may solicit help from sales personnel in the computer stores, their questions are seldom answered to their understanding and they walk away feeling bewildered. Here at Array, we can custom build a system designed specifically to cater to YOUR needs, including specialized software. We are also available to assist you with the purchase of a more standard computer from any retailer you select. Our consultants will listen to your needs to insure they are met.


Networks are the key to a successful business as well as a convenient tool for home offices. Networks also save money by combining computing resources such as printers and internet connections. These systems are key to maintaining productivity and data reliability. Networked file servers provide a centralized location for all data within the company making data recovery simple. Array has experience working with all size networks and will develop and deploy a solution to meet your needs.


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